Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Importance of Prayer

Scripture Text: Acts 16:1-15

It was the Sabbath and Paul made his way outside of town to a place where they thought people would be gathered for prayer. This shows up in the passage as a detail easily lost among all the other things happening, yet, it is a detail worth noting. Paul was seeking to spend time with those who were seeking to be in conversation with God.

When Paul finds the group of people he was looking for, the message of Jesus is shared and the people respond. Before we know it the people are baptized and inviting Paul and company to visit in their home. By Paul seeking those who were seeking, God was able to shower people with the grace and love of Jesus.

Imagine the day it must have been for Lydia. She was in her place of prayer, seeking God through prayer. She meets God in a new and profound way through the message of Jesus Christ. This woman of prominence in her community is found praying and finds life in her prayer.

It is easy to downplay the importance of prayer. A few words of thanks before a meal. Quiet prayer when facing a challenging or fearful situation. Prayer when we need something from God. All of these fleeting moments are important, yet there is also great importance in meeting with God in prayer regularly. Imagine if we could be found not because we have a building with a steeple but because we are known to gather at the same place weekly for prayer.

Prayer is an important engine in the life of a marriage. Regular time spent praying together and for each other creates fertile ground for a deep relationship. During times of struggle as a couple or for one person in the marriage, prayer is the most powerful action that can be taken.

An amazing thing happens when you hear your spouse praying earnest words of hope and support over you. There is an intimacy shared between spouses who pray together that is well beyond the physical. Praying together and for each other reinforces the bond of marriage in ways nothing else can accomplish. We hope you will take time each day to pray together, and for each other. This is especially important when one of you is struggling.

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