Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Vulnerable Heart

Scripture Texts: Acts 15:22-41; Psalm 51

David had been caught. In another section of the Bible we find the prophet Nathan confronting David about his actions toward Bathsheba and her husband. Psalm 51 is written in response as David's way of crying out to God, seeking forgiveness.

One of the challenges of this Psalm is reading with the depth of heart and passion behind the words. Reading this Psalm with an ordinary voice does no justice to the meaning behind the words. David is pouring his heart out to God realizing his own brokenness and need for God. Rarely is this a conversation had in a dispassionate and average way.

We all have times when we need to pour out our hearts to God. It does not have to be when we are caught in a moral failure. In fact it might prevent a moral failure if we take the time early to pour out our hearts. David provides a great framework for us in Psalm 51. Primary in the plea is remembering it is our heart God is most concerned with.

While it is essential to pour our hearts out to God, it is equally important to pour our hearts out to our spouse. There are times when it can feel more challenging to share with our spouse than with God. Anytime we pour out our hearts there is a level of vulnerability, and that vulnerability is often what keeps us from sharing.

To cultivate a healthy marriage we must risk the vulnerability to open our hearts with our spouse. Withholding this level of sharing will bring nothing of value to the relationship and will ultimately do more harm than good. So, breath deep, swallow hard and share the depths of your heart with the one whom you love the most.

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