Thursday, July 2, 2015

Seize The Moment

Scripture Texts: Acts 3:11-26; Psalm 43

"Peter saw his opportunity." That is what Luke, the writer of Acts, tells us Peter saw a chance to proclaim the message of Jesus to the people and he did not miss the chance. Seizing the moment, Peter explains the power by which the man was healed. Peter also goes on to invite people to repent of their sins and follow Jesus.

Quite possibly one of the most significant differences between the disciples we read about in the Bible and many of us today is the seizing of moments. The longer the early disciples followed Jesus, the fewer opportunities that went un-seized. Daily there are opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus. Likewise, there are daily opportunities to invite others to join us in following Jesus. We need to learn from the early disciples and seize every opportunity that comes our way.

When we choose to live a marriage in ways that keep Christ at the center, the world around us tends to notice. The values at the core of our marriage tend to be different than those who do not keep Christ at the center. The decisions we make with our time, relationships and money are often different than those around us. All of this generated opportunity to tell others about Jesus.

In a day and age when so few relationships, secular or religious, reflect the values of Christ, when we live our marriage in Christ people notice. Over the course of our marriage people have wondered about the decisions we have made. From an earthly standpoint they have not made any sense. From the standpoint of following Jesus, it was the only logical path.

Not every time have we seized the opportunity to tell others why we live our lives the way we do. At the same time we are ever-increasing in seizing our opportunities. Peter was living his life following Jesus is such a way that others noticed the difference. That is the first part. Once people noticed and Peter saw the opportunity to point others to Christ, he did not delay. That is the second part. From there we can rest assured we did not miss the opportunity, and we can trust that God is at work in out lives and the lives of others.

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