Saturday, July 18, 2015

Relentless Pursuit

Scripture Texts: Acts 13:13-52; Psalm 50

God is a relentless God with a focused mission. The mission of God is to be in perfect community with all of humanity. The first attempt at this community was in the Garden of Eden, followed by years of covenants and laws designed to reconnect with humanity. Finally God stepped out of eternity and into our reality as Jesus Christ to reconnect.

The overall success of this mission is yet to be seen but we can see that God's pursuit is relentless. Even as human faithfulness to the community with God has wavered, God has remains constant. There is nothing that will get in the way of God reaching for the ultimate goal. The variable is the way humanity will get on board with what God is doing in their midst.

Paul highlights God was going to roll out the plan of salvation for the Jewish people first. Only when the Jews did not accept the message of grace and the invitation to a new level of community with God, did God choose to continue the mission in another way. The mission of God was not going to be stopped because one group of people would not listen, God is relentless.

Relentless is the way we would like people to describe our pursuit of a healthy and godly marriage. Our ultimate goal is to have a marriage that God can use to build community with others and to show what can happen when God is given free reign with a marriage. There are many obstacles that could get in the way, however we will be relentless.

Over the years we have adjusted our understanding and practices of marriage so that we can move closer to our ultimate goal. The goal has not changed, the avenues of pursuit have. There are times when it would have been easier to quit but we pushed on. Our hope is our marriage is like the mission of God, relentless. That we would pursue all that God desires for us and to use our marriage to do great things for the Kingdom of God.

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