Friday, July 31, 2015

Courage to Keep Going

Scripture Text: Acts 21:1-26

Faith and courage are not the absence of fear, they are acting in trust in the midst of fear. Paul clearly understands what is about to happen to him as he returns to Jerusalem, yet he is steadfast in his determination to head there. Those gathered around him are afraid for his life and want him to avoid the journey. It is not that Paul had no fear, that would be foolish, rather in faith and courage Paul continued to move toward Jerusalem.

Paul was clear about his relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and the mission to which he had been called. That kind of clarity provided the foundation for taking action in the face of fear. Without a clear understanding of his relationship with God and his mission, it is very likely Paul would have avoided the trip to Jerusalem.

In our own lives we must have the same kind of clarity. First we must understand our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. This does not mean that we have it all figured out and know all there is to know about God. What this does mean is we understand that our very life and breath and existence is based in the grace and love of God as experienced in Jesus Christ.

Second we must be clear in understanding the mission to which we have been called. Paul was clear his role in the Body of Christ was to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Gentiles. Many followers of Jesus never take the time to seek direction from God about the mission. We are created for more than existence and soaking up the grace of God. Every person is called to be a conduit of God's grace to the world.

Marriage is meant for more than sharing tax advantages and retirement accounts. When two people are joined together as one, God has a mission for that union. We have found our mission to be helping others find Christ and thrive in that relationship. This blog is part of living out that mission. There is some fear, what if we offend, what about those who are not married, and a whole host of what ifs. Still we must press on to live the calling God has placed on our marriage.

Our prayer is that you will first find your life in Christ. Second that you will find your mission or calling. Then, if you are married that you will find the mission or calling for your marriage.

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