Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Removing the Hurdles

Scripture Text:  Acts 15:1-21

With grace and elegance an Olympic hurdler runs the track, clearing each hurdle. When done well, it looks like there is little to no effort used to stride over top the hurdle. Reality is clearing those hurdles is no small task. The top edge of each hurdle is 42 inches off the ground. An average person would find clearing the hurdles to be extremely challenging.

The issue in Acts 15 is whether or not Gentile followers of Jesus must be circumcised. Each side has opportunity to present an argument and then the leadership of the early church renders a decision. No hurdle should be set out for the Gentile believers. Following Jesus has enough challenges, the leaders decided it was not needed to add another challenge.

Marriage has challenges along the way that are fairly inevitable. Whenever there are two people walking through life together there is going to be struggle. There will be sickness, loss of family and loved ones, financial struggles and many others. We should be careful to not add hurdles to the journey.

Each couple has hurdles unique to their relationship that can be places along the way. It can be when we choose career over our spouse, or children above our relationship with each other. Hurdles can also be found in how much and the type of time we spend with friends. It is hard to generate a list of hurdles, yet I am sure you are thinking about one right now.

It might be a hurdle your spouse has placed before the two of you. It might be one that you placed in the track. Regardless of who placed the hurdle to cultivate a healthy marriage, you must work together to remove the hurdle. Once that happens make every effort to prevent the hurdles from showing up. Remember, there will be hurdles, let us not add anymore along the way.

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