Saturday, July 25, 2015

Integration With God

Scripture Text: Acts 17

In God we live and move and exist says Paul to the Athenians. When we take a good look at this phrase we see that all we are is rooted in God. While many do not recognize God, this does not nullify God's existence. All people seem to crave something to worship and to have as a foundation for life. Through the years there have been many alternatives to God sought, yet the only enduring foundation for our life and breath is God.

This means whether we recognize it or not, every bit of our being is connected to God. The breath we take, the life we live, everything is connected to God. At the same time it is easy to try to live a life that has God only as a component, or one part of a multi-compartment life. We designate our God time, perhaps with going to church, a bible study or time in prayer. These are all good things, however, they are only part of our connection with God.

God is not simply an add on to our lives, God is the foundation of our lives. God is the source of our breath, the initiator of our movement, and the very core of our existence. This cannot be experienced by treating God as one among many options. We do not experience the live, movement and existence God longs for us to have when we make God only a part of our lives.

The same is true in marriage. For many the pinnacle of God in their marriage is on their wedding day. After that God became a refuge in trouble, or a connection when convenient. Almost designating God to a limited role in our marriage. Then we turn around and wonder why we are not experiencing all that we could in marriage.

If we are to know God as the person by which we live and move and exist, we must fully integrate our lives with the God. Not keeping God among the valid options. Not connecting with God only when all else has failed. Not connecting when the schedule allows for it. No, if we want to experience God in fullness in our marriage, we must give our marriage over to God, and begin to integrate our lives with God.

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