Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Eliminate Confusion

Scripture Texts: Acts 19:21-40; Psalm 54

When there are too many options many people get confused. We often see this at a restaurant with a huge menu full of choices. It can be paralyzing. At a restaurant with few choices, we might grumble at the limited menu, however there is less confusion.

This happens in our journey with God. We look around and see all kinds of options of things to follow or worship. Further, we live in a time when everyday there is something new coming out that demands our attention. The result is we begin to be confused about who God is in the midst of all these false gods. Once confusion sets in, it becomes easier to lose sight of who matters most.

Allowing multiple gods to have influence in our lives results in confusion and ultimately idolatry. It it important to remember that gods are not only religious or spiritual in nature. Technology, ideology, money, or fame can become gods in our lives. None of these are bad things until they create confusion about who God is.

Marriages are not immune to this challenge. In the midst of making ends meet, caring for children, managing a household, and many other things, confusion can set in. We can get confused about who God is, and we can get confused about the value and importance of our marriage. More often than not divorce enters the equation when one or both of the couple begins to have too many competing gods in their life.

Cultivating a healthy marriage means taking the time to reduce the options for who or what will be God in our lives. It also means taking time to eliminate the confusion about the importance and value of your marriage. For us this usually requires a few days away from the kids and the normal demands of daily life. This is more than a date night, which is important as well. This is a couple of days with just the two of you and time.

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