Friday, July 17, 2015

Stopping Distraction's Work

Scripture Text: Acts 13:1-12

It has been said we live in a distracted world. Enough evidence certainly exists to support this claim. In fact while reading this there will be times, if they have not hit already, that your attention will drift from the screen and onto something else. Distraction seems to be a normal part of our lives. This does not mean however, that it is harmless.

God has a plan and a calling for each person. This plan is often born out of a vision, and the vision becomes the point that we orient our entire life around. That is unless we get distracted. Paul and Barnabas were on their mission, and they were fulfilling their vision when a false prophet distracts them from what the were really about.

Perhaps it is better to say that the false prophet attempts to be a distraction. Paul has nothing to do with the distraction allowing him to get sidetracked. Instead Paul uses the distraction to demonstrate God's power among the people. Through this the civic leadership become followers of Jesus because Paul would not allow the distraction to accomplish its work.

Marriage is filled with distractions. Work, kids, housework, just about anything can fill the blank of what is a distraction. The question is not whether distractions will show up in your marriage. The question is how will you interact with the distractions. It is easy to take the bait and allow the distractions to sidetrack us from the work God has called us to, and to slow our progress toward cultivating the healthy marriage we long for. This does not have to be the case.

Like Paul we can use the distractions for the glory of God. When those around us see that we do not let the distraction run our life, they will want to know more about what is at the center of our lives. If we are able to manage the distractions, we will be able to remain in pursuit of our vision. At the core of this is keeping our eyes on Jesus. If we are not going to allow distraction to do its work, we must have our eyes and hearts fixed on something greater than the distractions. There is nothing greater than God.

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