Thursday, July 16, 2015

The God of The Impossible

Scripture Texts: Acts 12; Psalm 49

The Spirit of God is able to do more than our human minds can understand. Peter is put in prison and the followers of Jesus have every reason to believe that he will be killed. Death had been the fate of many of the leaders of the early church, so they thought it was the only possible outcome to his imprisonment. Besides, the Romans were the best in the business at imprisonment, punishment and death.

When someone claiming to be Peter shows up at the door, it makes sense the people would think of any possibility other than it was really Peter standing at the door. The Spirit of God had released Peter from the Roman prison, and he was there to rejoice with the fellow followers of Jesus. It was just not humanly possible Peter could be there.

It is easy to forget that God specialized in the impossible. This is one the things most followers of Jesus can agree upon. At the same time this is something that is easily forgotten as we live our daily lives. The challenges we face from the mundane to the impossible, are all more than possible for God, yet we do our best to figure things out rather than relying on the Spirit of God to bring us through.

God's Spirit does more than work in the lives of individuals, God is at work in a marriage. We could write of the many times when we faced apparently impossible situations. There are times when the story ends by sharing how we experienced the power of God to have the impossible made possible. We could also tell the stories of how the impossible stayed impossible.

The difference in what happens to the impossible is not whether God is willing or able to deal with our situation. The variable is whether we yield or submit ourselves to God. The times when the impossible remained impossible it was often because we did not submit to God and trust in the power of God to make a way. It has to be said there are times when we ask God to act and God does not because what we ask for is not in our best interest through God's eyes.

Cultivating a healthy marriage means taking the time to surrender and submit to God all the challenges we encounter. We must remember God is able to do the impossible. As we learn to do this better, our marriage grows more healthy, and the best time to learn is before the impossible shows up. Take time each day to submit to God the celebrations and challenges that are ahead of you. It will be amazing to see how God works through the possible and the impossible we encounter.

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