Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Round About Way

Scripture Texts: Exodus 13; Exodus 14; Hebrews 11:24-29

In yesterday's post we looked at the idea that God is clear about the path ahead. That has not changed from yesterday to today. What we must remember is that while the path forward is clear, the path is not always direct.

The Israelites are lead into the wilderness but the are not lead on the most direct path. God takes the people on the round about way as they make their way to the promised land. We are even given the reason for this indirect route, because the people might face a battle with the Philistines and want to turn back to Egypt. The indirect path was used by God to give the people time to learn dependence and trust in God.

Before the crossing of the Red Sea we find there are still people who want to go back to Egypt. This will continue to be a part of the narrative of the people. The people begin to grumble and complain to Moses. After Moses answers them God answers Moses. The path forward is clear, and God was leading them all that was needed was to get moving. So the people walked across dry land out of Egypt and deeper into the wilderness.

For the most part in our marriage the path has been pretty clear. A few times we have been unsure about how and where God is calling us, however those have been the exception. More often our work has been keeping focused on God as the plan takes on paths that are not as direct as we thought. Each step of the way God was there to guide us, we sure could have used the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire, we had to get moving.

Over the years we have almost always ended up where God has shown us to go. Likewise. more often than not the path was much more round about than we would have chosen. It was in the round about ventures that we have been shaped by God for the works God has been preparing us for.

As we have walked the journey of marriage we had no illusion the path would always be easy. Marriage takes significant effort, and requires continuous learning. We are sure God would use a more direct route to cultivating the marriage God longs for us to have. However, it seems like the round about route is the one that makes our marriage strong as we learn to trust in God and rely on each other.

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