Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Development for Tomorrow

Scripture Texts: Genesis 44; Genesis 45; Acts 7:9-13

His brothers had no idea what would come from their actions. Joseph was simply the brother who had wild dreams that resulted in his brothers not liking him. Their father seemed to like Joseph best, and gave him preferential treatment. All the brothers were thinking was they were ridding themselves of a brother. They had no idea they were setting the stage for God to do something big and amazing.

The furthest thing from the minds of Jacob's sons was Joseph when they went off to Egypt in hopes of buying food. They did not even know the person they were dealing with was their sold into slavery brother. In his own words, God had placed Joseph in the current situation for such a time as this. What the brothers meant for harm and to rid themselves of their troublesome kid brother, God used for survival of Israel.

Often we are not aware of how the events of today are the preparation for what God is going to do tomorrow. When we look back through the years of our marriage we can see all the times God was preparing us though we did not know it fully at the time. It began in the first year of our marriage with the decision to attend seminary. Followed shortly with the journey of walking with Aaron's dad as he died from cancer. Along the way there have been financial pinches, homeowner challenges, personal struggles, and ministry moves. Through it all we have not always seen what God was working on for our future.

Just because we could not see what God was working on does not mean we did not understand that God was at work. The Scripture passage does not tell us what Joseph's mindset was during the years of challenge other than he was faithful. Part of being faithful is remembering that God is at work even when we cannot see the future that is being created. As we go through the days of our lives we do not have to know what is ahead but we can be certain of the one who is leading and creating the future.

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