Saturday, February 7, 2015

Heart and Mind Reserved

Scripture Texts: Genesis 39; Proverbs 7; 1 Corinthians 6:18-20

All the world comes down to two types of people, those who are our spouses and those who are not. The key in marriage is to remember which one is which. Joseph though not married at the time, is pursued by the wife of Potiphar who had apparently forgotten the two types of people distinction. She pursues Joseph and when he is righteous and will not go to bed with her, she accuses him. Next things Joseph knows he is in prison.

Proverbs is full of warnings about morality and living our lives with wisdom and righteousness. It is amazing that immorality will pursue us, while we must pursue righteous living. If we are not intentional about our marriage relationship and remaining faithful to our spouse the chances of not being faithful greatly increase. When our minds and hearts become available opportunity to be unfaithful will come looking for us.

In our marriage we have not ever had an issue with faithfulness. It has never even been a part of the equation because we have been intentional about keeping our relationship strong and our hearts and minds only available to each other. We have not given immorality an opportunity to come looking for us. Over the years unfortunately we have seen the destruction that results for couples not being vigilant in this. Marriages languish or end and families are disrupted.

Joseph remained pure because he was focused on God. The young people in proverbs that stay pure are focused on wisdom and right living. Paul tells the church in Corinth to strive for purity by mastering our thoughts and body. In all the cases and in our marriage the key to all of this has been to keep our minds, hearts and bodies only available to God and each other.

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