Friday, February 20, 2015

Condition of The Heart

Scripture Texts: Exodus 7; Exodus 8; Psalm 105:23-38

It seems like at some point Pharoah would have given in. Along the way we find claims of giving in but never do we find full submission. Even when the people of Israel are allowed to go, there is a change of heart and the army is dispached to catch the people.

There is a repeated refrain in the Exdous account, Paroah's heart was hardened. With a hard heart it was impposible for submission to what God was requesting. God knew this would be the case because the state of Pharoah's heart was known. It is not that being hard hearted was new, rather that it kept coming to the surface. In the end Pharoah being hard hearted lead to the destruction of many, including himself and God still bringing the people out of Egypt.

Hearts and marriage seem like an easy connection, and it is. All to often the events of life and a marriage have resulted in hard heartedness. One partner no longer is able to be compassionate and caring toward the other. Every exchange becomes a battleground for power and control of the relationship and the other person. As you might guess there is no way a marriage can survive these conditions.

We have never really had to confront the issue of hard heartedness in our marriage. This is not because we are perfect, it is because we clearly see the damage that can be done. Key in avoiding hard heartedness is remembering who is God in the equation of life. When we remember that we are not God and that God is the one who is in charge of all the universe it becomes easier to keep our heart soft.

This remembrance allows us to have no need to aquire power and control in our marriage. Instead we can yield power and control to God and be present with our spouse. There will be no need to get ahead or to be superior. The only desire will be to serve and journey together as you both follow the leading of God.

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