Thursday, February 12, 2015

God Knows Better

Scripture Texts: Genesis 46; Genesis 47; Romans 8:28

It was not only for Joseph's benefit that God raised him to a place of power and prominence but it was for the entire nation of Israel. All the descendants of Jacob were able to survive the famine because God had made a way for Joseph.

Before moving the entire family to Egypt Jacob must have had some reservations about the move. We know this because God speaks with Jacob directly to let him know that he should go to Egypt, and that God was going to be with them. This assurance was all that Jacob needed, and they were on their way.

The invitation from God to move to Egypt must have felt strange to Jacob because they were currently living in the land that God had promised to them. An invitation to another place might have seemed as if God was changing the game plan. In reality God was continuing to prepare and preserve the people for the future.

We have had our share of times when God has asked us to move, physically or otherwise, that seemed strange. Everything was fine where we were and there appeared to be no reason for a change. Each time we asked God to speak to us so that we would know that we were on the right track. Every time God has assured us that we do not go into the future alone.

Looking back we can see how the changes challenged us, grew us and in some cases protected us. We cannot say that we were always as willing in our compliance as Jacob was. Often there was more complaining and grumbling on our part, yet every time we have gone. We shutter to think about where life may have taken us if we had refused to take steps in the direction God was showing us. What if we hadn't trusted God and thought we knew what was best? God always knows best for our lives and God can always be trusted.

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