Thursday, February 19, 2015


Scripture Texts: Exodus 5; Exodus 6:1-13; Nehemiah 9:9-10

God was persistent with Moses. From the burning bush to standing in front of Paraoh, God was persistent about the mission. Likewise, Pharaoh was persistent in trying to stop what God was doing through Moses. The persistence of God and Pharaoh were unwaivering while Moses seemed ready to walk away at several points.

As we will see from the rest of the story Moses does not walk away from the plan that God is calling the people to, Moses is persistent in following God. It may seem for a person to be faithful and used by God their persistence level must be constant. Yet through out the Scriptures God uses people for great things that from time to time waiver.

In marriage the temptations which call you away from cultivating the marriage you long to have are persistent. Perhaps a better word is unrelenting. Just when you think a temptation is at bay, there it is again, lurking. 

Likewise, God is persistent with us in the calling to cultivate a marriage that we experience everything God has in store for us. Not once has God waivered in calling us deeper, and more faithfull. The question is not about the persistence of God or the temptations, the question is our persistence in responding to God.

A marriage that cultivates the fullness of God is one that is persistent in pursuing God. Each partner keeping focus on where God is leading. Sometimes one partner being the constant while the other struggles, yet overall being persistent. Without our persistence, the only story that will be written in the end is one about how God was persistent and the temptations were persistent but we were not. May we continue to press on toward the goal to which we have been called in Christ Jesus. May we strive to cultivate a marriage of persistence.

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