Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Path Made Clear

Scripture Texts: Exodus 11; Exodus 12; 1 Corinthians 5:7

The instructions from God seem pretty clear. Every detail of the Passover night is laid out in painstaking detail. The bread with no yeast and the animal prepared correctly. God was clear about who could celebrate the meal and who was not eligible. Every aspect clearly spelled out.

Almost equally amazing is the people get it right. They do everything exactly the way God had instructed through Moses. Right down to the asking for clothing, gold and silver from their Egyptian neighbors. Note, there are not people running around waiting for more clarity. There is not a committee explaining why they should wait. There is no alternate Passover plan floated. The people see the clear plan of God and they follow it.

There are some aspects of marriage that are not clear cut. In this way marriage is more of an art than a science as there are somethings that can only be learned through experience rather than reading about it. At the same time there are aspects of marriage that are pretty clear. God has offered for us the best way to live a fulfilling marriage.

We live in a day and age when there are many alternate plans for marriage being floated out among the culture. Despite God speaking clearly on the subject, in multiple places throughout the Scriptures. It appears God is calling humanity to celebrate marriage with in some clear boundaries. Further, God seems to be calling us to live within certain roles in married life. There is not as much gray area here as the culture around us attempts to create.

What would happen if the people of God began to treat the teachings of God around marriage the way the people treated the teaching of God around the Passover? Let's not limit it to marriage or the Passover. What if the people of God lived like God has called us in all that we do. What if we were to love, show mercy, seek justice and embody grace in the ways God desires for us to do? Is it possible that we could experience a freedom from captivity like the Israelites?

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