Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In The Midst of Questions and Doubts

Scripture Texts: Exodus 3; Exodus 4; Acts 7:30-36

God was very clear with Moses what the plan was, and the role Moses was going to play in the plan. The questioning Moses had was not about God's plan but his ability to be part of the plan. Can you hear the questions, will the people follow me? Will the people even listen to me? How will people trust me? Moses keeps asking God if God has made the right choice in him.

In the midst of Moses weakness and wondering, God continues to meet Moses where he is at. Rather than disqualify Moses because of his doubt and questioning, God comes alongside him in the form of Aaron. To be sure, Moses most likely carried the doubts and questions with him, yet he seems empowered by the fact that God met him where he was at and encouraged him through adding Aaron to the plan.

There is no doubt God is calling every person to participate in the plan. The result of the plan is to have as many people as possible in full relationship with God through the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Each person on earth is called and equipped for a certain role in that plan. Further, each married couple have a calling and role in the plan of God. The question is not if we are being called, the question is how are we responding.

It has taken time for us to begin the journey of living into the call and role God has for us. Our questions and doubts have not always looked like Moses'. Yet there have been reasons we have delayed, "We have not been married long enough." or "Our kids are too young." and the list could go on. Recently we have begun to claim more of the roles and callings God has for our marriage. Interestingly it has come just as the way we live out our personal callings has changed.

Living into the calling and role of God is in large part why this blog was started. Our marriage is not perfect, nor are we perfect people. There is so much for us to learn about having a godly marriage, and we could give lots of reasons not to write and not to put into print this journey. However, it seems as though God has called us to this journey. Marriage is such a precious journey, not just our own but every marriage, and God has lead us to offer ourselves to all of you in this journey. Our prayer and hope is that you will feel blessed and encouraged as we share out of our questioning and doubts.

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