Sunday, June 28, 2015

Words and Actions

Scripture Texts: Acts 1; Psalms 41

It all started with less than one tenth of one percent of the world population. There were only about 120 believers gathered together to begin the journey of being the church. From that group, the entire body of Christ has grown.

Fast forward some two thousand plus years and the body of believers is far more than one tenth of one percent of the world population.Yet in many places not only is the church of Jesus Christ not growing and developing, it is in fact getting smaller and has less influence on the world around.

Once the apostles saw Jesus taken to sit with God, they got to work putting into practice what Jesus has taught them. The first order of business was to return the number in the group of apostles to 12, and Matthias was selected. Peaking ahead in the Scriptures we find the day of Pentecost upon the people and the continued work of God.

It seems all too often the body of Christ today is content to sit around and talk about doing something while taking very little action. Great speeches are given on all the important issues, each claiming their validity with the Scriptures and God. When the speech ends and everyone heads home, there is no action. It is almost as if we have disregarded the power we have been given by the Holy Spirit to be Christ's witness to the world. This is not only words, it is words and actions together in concert.

God has not given the gift of marriage for the sole purpose of enjoying marriage. When two people are joined together to form one, as with marriage, there is not a mere addition of the possibilities of God, there is multiplication. A married couple can be used by God to do even greater things together if they are willing to take action as witnesses for Christ.

This by no means excludes single people from taking action for Christ. It merely highlights the potential of what happens when a married couple uses their marriage as a tool to witness to the world about the love and power of Christ in transforming lives. In fact whether married or single the potential exists, and potential only matters if it is translated to action.

May we learn from the apostles in the Book of Acts and translate our faith and belief into action empowered by the Holy Spirit. Not so we can boast about our relationship with God. Rather so we can witness God doing amazing things in our midst.

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