Friday, June 12, 2015

Light in The Darkness

Scripture Texts: John 12:27-50; Psalm 35

There are very few places in the United States where we can experience true dark. There always seems to be light from somewhere. A few years ago while on a mission trip to Haiti a true understanding of darkness was found. Once the generator was turned off and all the candles were out it was dark. Like, oh my goodness dark.

In the midst of the complete and total darkness it took only a small light to pierce the darkness in amazing ways. The light from a watch or an iPod was enough to fill the entire room with light compared to the darkness. This is how Jesus was and is in our world. Jesus is the light of the world and he stepped out of eternity into the darkness that is our world.

Now that Jesus is seated in the heavenly throne room awaiting the time of return, you and I are to be the light of the world. The way we live our lives and the way we treat others along the way are to be like the light Jesus is to the world. It is not up to us whether people see the light, or if they appreciate the light. Our role is to simply shine.

When you think about your marriage is it a tool God can use to bring light to a dark world? The ways in which we interact with our spouse is an example to the world around us. Is our example filled with the light of Christ or are we contributing to the darkness? Our lives are meant to bear light, as are our marriages. May we be so deeply connected to Christ in our lives and marriage that we are the light piercing the darkness. No matter how dark the world can seem, a little light changes the whole thing.

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