Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Power of Prayer

Scripture Texts: John 17; Psalm 38

It has been said that prayer is the engine that drives the life of a follower of Jesus. Several times in the Gospels we find Jesus praying. Before healing someone, after a time of ministry, before going to the cross, and here in John as Jesus prays for the disciples and all those who would believe and follow.

That means if you are a follower of Jesus you have been prayed for by Jesus himself. While here on earth Jesus took some moments before his death and resurrection to pray for each and every person who would become a part of the movement of God.

This also means that Jesus prayed for our marriages. You might think this is a stretch but it really is not. Jesus prays that the people might experience perfect unity, this is for all people including those who are married. Unity in marriage is not something that just happens, there is great intention needed to experience it.

Jesus wants people to experience unity and the first step in that has been to pray that we might experience it. This should be our first step as well. When two people pray together there is something wonderful that happens to their hearts and lives. A deeper bond is found, one with Jesus at the center as the three of you pray together.

Adding another layer to prayer together is when we pray for other people together. A unity of heart is found when we are lifting people to God together. Each night after we read the Scriptures, and write the blog, we take time to pray together. Part of that prayer is lifting before God the people we know that could use a greater portion of God's love and grace. So, if there is something we can hold in prayer for you, please let us know and we will include you in our prayers.

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