Saturday, June 6, 2015

Made For So Much More

Scripture Texts: John 10:1-21; Psalms 32

Human beings have a boundless capacity to settle for less than is possible. A preference is placed on the comfort and ease rather than striving and persevering. The latest and greatest has the ability to capture our attention and affections, even if it is not the best for us.

In life we chase after many things including fame, fortune and prosperity. In and of themselves, none of these things are bad. When we desire these things above all else, well that is where the problem comes in. When fame, fortune, prosperity or any other pursuit replaces our pursuit of God in Christ Jesus, those things are exposed for what they are, frauds.

Jesus is clear that all the other pursuits of life have the ability to steal, kill and destroy our lives. He, on the other hand, has come that we might have life. Not just a plain and ordinary life, life to the fullest possible. This fullness of life is found when we pursue Jesus more than anything else, and anything less would be counterfeit living.

Our capacity for settling has a way of showing up in marriage. At some point decisions get made out of ease, or comfort, or desires that might not match what God is calling you toward. In marriage chasing after things other than Jesus gives the same result as in our individual life, only it is multiplied.

When a couple pursues other things more than Jesus in their relationship, they choose to live less than the fullness Jesus came to offer. Many times when we are feeling like there is more to married life than we are experiencing it is because we have stopped pursuing Jesus above all else. We have let the thief, killer and destroyer take the lead in our lives.

We have been called to do more than settle. Our marriage is intended for so much more than we can possibly imagine. In order experience the fullness God desires for our marriage we must pursue Jesus above all else. This begins when we offer our lives to Jesus for grace, forgiveness and leadership in our lives.

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