Sunday, June 14, 2015

It Could Be Me.

Scripture Texts: John 13:21-38; Proverbs 7

In a house with three preteen children we often hear the cry of "It was not me!" In essence that is what is happening with Jesus and the gathered disciples. Jesus has just told them that one of them would betray him and they begin discussing who it would be and most concluded it wouldn't be them.

This is the place where Judas is identified as the one who would betray Jesus. Also identified in the passage is Peter who would deny Jesus three times before morning. It seems like a fine line between betrayal and denying, in fact there may not be a line at all. Yes Judas betrayed Jesus, and so did Peter.

All of the disciples betray Jesus in some way shape or form in the days that surround his death and resurrection. Rather than decide how each disciple betrayed, it would be better to recognize the ability we all have to betray Jesus. Rather than ask who will it be, or try to claim it is not me, we would be better served to recognize that it could be me.

It could be me is a phrase that is crucial to cultivating a healthy marriage. When we see a marriage that is struggling more than our own it might be helpful to recognize that could be us if we are not careful. There is not a marriage on the planet that is not susceptible to struggle or betrayal. I wonder how things would have been different if the disciples took on a it could be me attitude.

A second place the it could be me attitude is crucial in marriage is when our spouse does something that hurts us, or that we view as wrong. When two people share life together there will come a time when one person makes a choice the other person disagrees with. There may be an inclination to get upset and even argue. Perhaps a better reaction is to remember it could be me. In all reality we can say it has been me, and probably will be me before life is over. Rather than accuse or deny, greater health might just be found in recognizing, it could be me.

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