Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pudding, Proof and Sheep

Scripture Text: John 10:22-42

The proof of the pudding is in the tasting. That is the actual phase that we often shorten to say, the proof is in the pudding. Jesus is offering to the people gathered around him proof that he is the Messiah, yet they do not seem to like the way he is going about it. There is interest in knowing if Jesus is the Messiah, and Jesus makes clear he is the Messiah not because he said so but because of the works of his life.

Once Jesus gave the people the information and proof they have been looking for, they pick up their rocks and get ready to stone him. The issue with Jesus was not the proof he offered, the good works, rather the issue was that he had the audacity to claim to be one with God. Even though the evidence of his life affirmed the claim, it was too much for the crowd to handle.

When we decide to become followers of Jesus there is a commitment to be on a journey of transformation that forms our lives to look like the life of Jesus. To this end we must ask ourselves do our words and actions provide evidence for the hope and promise that we have? Do the people around us know that we are one of Jesus sheep by both our words and our actions?

Writing a blog about marriage is a dangerous thing. First, you the reader might make the mistake of thinking we have this marriage thing all figured out. Second, putting words into print about our relationship with God and each other leaves room for others to identify the places where we fall short. On both accounts let us reassure you, we do not have it figured out and we do not always live the fairy tale marriage.

So why keep reading? Because this we are sure of, for the rest of our lives we are on the journey of transformation to have the words and actions of our lives be formed after the life of Jesus. This means having a marriage that gives evidence of God's love and grace through our actions, and proclaims the love and grace of God with our words.

Out commitment in writing this blog is not to showcase a perfect marriage. Instead it is to share with you all the journey of one couple trying their best to live a life with enough proof in the pudding to show we are sheep of Jesus' fold.

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