Friday, June 5, 2015

Can't Really Explain

Scripture Text: John 9:18-41

Most people have had moments in their lives when they cannot really explain what has happened to them. It could be as dramatic as a near miss with an accident, or it could be receiving a blessing beyond our imagination. Whether for better of for worse, there have been times when we simply cannot explain what has happened.

The blindman in John 9 is at one of those moments. He has never been able to see with his eyes. Over the years many have debated, including the disciples, what this man's sin was. Then one day Jesus comes along, spits on the ground, smears mud on the man's eyes, and after a dip in the pool the man can see. Everyone wants to know how this happened.

Religious leaders ask their questions. They even drag the man's parents in for questioning. Person after person and no one seems willing to give the answer. When pushed to the limit the once blindman gives a great answer, "I don't know about all these things, what I do know is that I was blind and now I can see."

There are several aspects of marriage that can be explained. The more time we invest in our marriage, the more fruitful the marriage is. When we are intentional about being a blessing to our spouse, our marriage is more fulfilling. At the same time there are some aspect of marriage that defy explanation.

We could spend hours trying to figure every aspect out so that we can create a nice neat definition of everything. Still our definition would be incomplete. At some point we have to stop and confess that all we really know is that God has moved in our marriage, and because of the touch of Jesus Christ we have a healthy and fulfilling marriage. Sometimes we can't really explain what God has done in and through a marriage, it just is.

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