Tuesday, June 9, 2015

When We Face Disappointment

Scripture Text: John 11:17-37

Life does not always work out the way we have planned. This is very true for Mary, Martha and Lazarus, especially for Lazarus. The three siblings envisioned a life filled with following Jesus and learning more about being part of the Kingdom of God. They were considered close personal friends of Jesus.

Can you imagine the disappointment and discouragement they felt when Jesus did not arrive until after Lazarus was dead? When Lazarus was sick and death looked near they sent for Jesus, and he did not come to them right away. In the midst of their brother dying there must have been some level of disappointment and discouragement about how life was turning out and the fact that Jesus did not get there in time.

Disappointment and discouragement often come packaged together. The times in our lives when we experience the greatest disappointments are the times when we are most likely to get discouraged. When the plans we have made and the vision we were chasing is shattered life seems to fall apart and we are looking for somewhere or someone to place blame. Mary and Martha choose Jesus.

Because marriage involves people, there will be times of disappointment and discouragement. There have been countless times when our life has not turned out the way we thought it would. These times certainly held disappointment. Yet, we have managed to never turn that toward each other. For our marriage to remain healthy and full we must never turn our disappointment toward our spouse. This will only create division and resentment.

A more productive way to cultivate a healthy marriage is to turn our disappointment to the One who can provide understanding and direction, Jesus. Often the reality of our disappointment is because we have been chasing after things that God did not have in mind for us, or that God has a plan to use our situation to show power and might among the people. Jesus is big enough to handle our disappointment and discouragement.

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