Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Many Aspects of Marriage

Scripture Texts: Mark 5:1-20

Can you imagine the scene. Jesus encounters a guy who has been tormented by evil spirits to the point of insanity. The man can no longer live in the community but lives in the graveyard, naked and alone. Jesus commands the evil spirits to leave the man and enter some near by pigs. In this process Jesus has an entire conversation with the demons.

After the demons are removed and the pigs drown in the sea, all the people begin to gather. They see the previously insane and tormented man sitting calmly, clothed at the feet of Jesus. Rather than joy they experience fear and send Jesus away. Perhaps their fear is the amazing power that was on display. The demon possessed man was tormented by not just one demon, but many or a legion. Maybe the magnitude of the holiness found in Jesus made them nervous. We are not sure why but the people send Jesus away.

One of the great joys we have is sitting with couples who are engaged to be married. About a month before the wedding day we sit with them and open the conversation up so they can ask anything they want to about marriage. In one form or another we are asked if there is one thing that makes a marriage successful. We usually answer with a series of points rather than one thing.

The aspects of cultivating a healthy marriage are legion. That means there are many things that contribute to the health of a marriage. Rarely is it one thing the makes a marriage successful. Likewise, rarely is it one thing that causes a marriage to crumble. There are many aspects of marriage that must be engaged along the way.

Only through the holiness and power of God are we able to navigate the aspects. The human effort of marriage is essential but it will only carry the relationship so far. The power of God is what engages the legion of aspects that make up a marriage. It is only through the power of God are we able to be whole and sit calmly at the feet of Jesus together.

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