Friday, April 10, 2015

The God That Provides

Scripture Texts: Mark 7:31-37; Mark 8:1-10

We find Jesus once again feeding a large crowd with only a small amount of food. Before it was feeding 5000 plus people this time it is 4000 plus people. The resources were about the same, a handful of loaves of bread and a few fish.

The disciples seem to be in the same place as well as they are not sure how they are going to feed all these people. It is easy to wonder if Jesus was getting frustrated with the disciples as you would think they would begin to "get it". Before we are too hard on the disciples it is important to look at our own lives. How many times have we found ourselves confronting a situation that God has brought us through before wondering if God will do it again?

The provision of God is one the areas that seems difficult to learn. Whether it is food, money, shelter or just about anything we feel a lack of, we easily fall into the cycle of wondering how provision will get made. Repeatedly God provides for the needs we have, and even our wants from time to time. This provision happens in multiple ways including and increase of what we have, and in better using what we already have.

Provision is a big thing in marriage. One of the leading sources of marital stress is finances. More specifically not feeling like there is enough money to go around. We have certainly experienced this in our marriage. There have been times of sitting at the table laying out all the obligations and realizing there just was not enough.

There have been times when we were literally down to our last few dollars and we were not sure how we were going to care for everything. These were some of the most stressful times in our marriage. At the same time as we experienced God's amazing provision, they were some of the most remarkable times in our marriage.

Whatever it is we are lacking we must remember the source of all provision. If we are looking to our spouse to provide for all our needs, we will still be in want. Not because our spouse did not try but because only God can provide all that we ever need. An amazing thing happens when we as individuals and as a couple look to God for provision. We find we have all that we need.

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