Thursday, April 2, 2015

A House Undivided

Scripture Texts: Mark 3:22-35; Mark 4:1-9

It seems the religious leaders would use just about any angle to slow Jesus down. This included calling him Satan, which seems a little drastic. It is no surprise Jesus does not miss a beat and has an answer for the religious leaders.

In a statement that seems obvious Jesus reminds the leaders that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Since Jesus was casting our evil demons, it was not even logical that his authority came from Satan. It was inconceivable that Satan would slow down Satan.

Jesus then puts the whole discussion in to a context that has a connection with marriage. A family that is at war with itself cannot stand. A marriage that has the spouses at odds and battling is not in good shape. In fact most marriages that end before the death of a spouse is due to the couple being at odds with each other.

We have learned this does not always mean that we agree with each other, only that we make sure not to battle each other. Each of us does things the other disagrees with, however the only time we would stand in each others way is if there was physical or spiritual danger ahead. A oneness exists in our marriage that means we are for each other and not against.

Cultivating a fulfilling marriage requires a unified household. This means there is always one place that we can find someone who is in this with us. There is always at least one other person in all of creation that will be on our side. Even when there is disagreement, there will always be one person who will walk with you.

A final note. There is a difference between arguments and battling. Whenever two people share life together there will be disagreement. yet this does not mean there is division. When there is division there are two parties working in different directions. Disagreement means there are different ways to move in the same direction. A house that is divided cannot stand, a house that is unified can stand through anything.

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