Thursday, April 16, 2015

No Jockeying for Position

Scripture Text: Mark 10:32-52

Jesus has just laid out the plan for what will happen when they get to Jerusalem. In a matter of moments the disciples begin to jockey for position in the kingdom. In the Gospel of Mark it is James and John who come to Jesus, in another telling of the Gospel, it is their mother. Either way, they are trying to set themselves up for future glory.

No big surprise that when the other ten hear about James and John's play for position they get indignant. Could it be they were indignant because James and John got to Jesus before they did? The issue may not have been the two seeking glory, rather the issue was James and John beat them to it.

Whenever there are people living together, as the disciples did, competition shows up. There is something about the brokenness in people that makes us want to get ahead of the person next to us. This can create significant damage to a marriage. If we are constantly trying to position ourselves as better than our spouse, or gain something ahead of our spouse indignation, anger and eventually bitterness take root in the marriage.

Jesus offers a solution to the disciples that is the same solution for our marriages. If we want to be great among the group we must be willing to be the least and serve the others. The action of greatness that means the most is the act of serving one another.

In the end there is no such thing as first place and second place in a marriage. Jesus Christ is the center of our marriage, and we stand together at his feet. Neither of us is better than the other, neither is trying to gain greater favor with Jesus. We simply stand together, serving each other, serving Jesus and serving all those who we come across in need.

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