Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Day Everything Changed

Scripture Texts: Mark 15:16-47; Psalms 15

It is the day that changed everything. Jesus had talked about it throughout his ministry. The day of his death on the cross had taken place, and because of that death everyone had access to God, and the possibility of a whole and full relationship with God.

We can get fixated on the violent details of the death, to be sure it was extremely violent. We can get fixated on the actions of the religious leaders, Pilate, or others gathered around. However, we must not miss that on that day, God who stepped out of eternity and into our reality died on the cross for each and every person in all creation.

Without the death of Jesus, the reconciliation of humanity with God would not be possible. In other words, it is not possible to have a full relationship with God outside of the death of Jesus Christ. When we begin to look at our earthly relationships in light of our relationship with God we find that it is impossible to have the fullness of relationship with another person if we do not have the fullness of relationship with God.

The reconciling work of God in our lives opens the door so we can be in relationship with each other as much as being in relationship with God. A marriage can be successful and even good without having a full relationship with God through Jesus Christ. At the same time, you cannot experience the best and most full marriage possible outside of Christ. We must find reconciliation with God before we can live the fullness of life with other people.

So the day in the Middle East over 2000 years ago changed everything. Included in the change is the door was opened so that we can experience fullness of relationship with each other. That day brought about reconciliation between people and God, and made a way for us to experience the best possible marriage. The key is we must accept the gift of grace in Jesus, and live the reconciliation that is found through that grace.

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