Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Marriage that Honors God

Scripture Texts: Mark 6:14-44; Psalm 7

Herod Antipas uses marriage in a way that does not honor God. When the prophet of God, John the Baptist, confronts him the king does not change his ways. Even though the king respects John the Baptist, he is more willing to live the way he wants to more than is way that honors God.

Herod's unwillingness to honor God with his marriage creates problems for more than just him. Herodias becomes part of the tangled web, as well as Herod's daughter. When all is said and done John the Baptist is executed because Herod would not honor God with his life and marriage. In fact Herod was married to someone he should not have been in the first place.

There is no such thing as just hurting ourselves when it comes to not honoring God. We do not have the record of Herod's thoughts but I wonder if he ever thought, I am only hurting myself not anyone else? Reality is Herod's poor choice impacted everyone around him. Herodias lives a life full of bitterness toward God, the daughter of Herod becomes part of a plot to do harm to God's servant. Let's not forget John himself who ends up dead because Herod refused to honor God.

The idea of honoring God with our marriage might seem like an antiquated idea. More common than honoring God with marriage we find people who are asking God to honor their version of marriage. It is easy to flip things around and think that we have created the marriage and that God should bless it and honor it. That is not how it works, however. God is the one who establishes our marriage, and great fulfillment comes from a marriage where both partners are seeking to honor God with their life and marriage.

Honoring God with marriage first involves being in marriage with the person that God has prepared you for, and prepared for you. Marriage is not another case of random selection, it is the intersection of two people whom God has been developing for something great. Next we honor God with our marriage by treating our spouse with love, respect and honor. Not like Herodias who used her spouse as a tool of revenge. Third, honoring God with marriage means heeding the words of accountability when they come. If someone whom you trust speaks truth into your marriage, honoring God means taking the words seriously.

Through it all honoring God with marriage leads to a marriage that finds fulfillment. Additionally, honoring God with marriage also reduces the collateral damage in the lives around us. The greatest reason to honor God with our marriage is that God is the one who establishes and sustains our marriage.

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