Friday, May 1, 2015

The Importance of Alignment

Scripture Texts: Romans 3:21-31; Psalm 17

There has only been one person to walk the planet who has lived free of sin, Jesus. That means the rest of us have to deal with the sin of our lives, those things that take us out of alignment with God. Try as we might to deal with sin on our own, it is only through the one sinless person that we find the solution.

It is only through Jesus that we find realignment with God from sin. This is true no matter who you are. Paul reminds the Romans and us, that all have fallen short of God's glorious make, and that through Jesus we can be made whole in our relationship with God. Everyone has come up short and Jesus is available to everyone.

In order for us to experience what Jesus has to offer we must stop striving in our own ability. Only through Jesus are we able to move into the life that God has called us to have. It is not by our shear will and determination, it is not by doing or not doing all the right things, it is not from our ancestry, heritage, or ethnic background. The playing field is level, everyone must come to Jesus to find full alignment with God.

A marriage only experiences its fullness when it is made up of two lives that are aligned with God through Jesus. Effort is required by the two people in a marriage, however their effort alone will not result in the life that God is calling the marriage to have. It is only through the work and grace of Jesus that we find our ability to align our lives with God and with each other.

Alignment makes life incredibly easier. If you drive a car that is out of alignment, it pulls to one side, is a rough ride, makes lots of extra noise and costs more money. A car that is in good alignment has a ride that makes it easy to forget you are riding in a car. The same is true in our lives and in our marriage. While a mechanic is the one who can get your car back into alignment, it is only Jesus who can do this for your life and your marriage.

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