Sunday, May 3, 2015

God Our Rock

Scripture Texts: Romans 5; Psalms 18

"The Lord lives! Praise to my Rock! May the God of my salvation be exalted!" (Psalm 18:46)

It is believed to be David who penned Psalm 18. This is important because when we look at the life of David we find a person that God considered faithful, while also being a person that had no shortage of personal failings. Further, there was no shortage of people trying to do harm to David. Through it all God was steadfast in protecting David.

Romans reminds us that Jesus died for us while we are yet sinners. The grace that God showed to David in the Old Testament times is the same grace God has offered to us. We do not have to have our life all together for God to be willing to extend grave and love to us. In fact it is precisely the love of God that cause the extension of grace and love when we are sinners.

Still we are left to ponder if we respond like David. Praise and adoration can be found on David's lips. A remembrance of the great protection of God is found throughout David's writing. A favorite understanding from David of who God is and how God relates to us is to see God as our Rock. The strong and steadfast foundation of our life. The only thing that is steady in the midst of an ever-shifting world.

Who is the rock of your marriage? When troubles come and the days are hard who do you turn to? In some ways this is a trick question because there are two people we can turn to, God and our spouse. We have the opportunity to be a rock to our spouse in midst of trying times. To go further, we should be a rock for our spouse as we journey through life together. However, there are times when both people in a marriage are feeling shaken and unsteady.

This is when God is needed to be the Rock of our marriage. Keep in mind this is not the only time, God is always the Rock of our marriage not just in the trying times. When the hard times come, and they do come even to the best of marriages, we can rely on God to be the One we can lean on.

If we do not have God as the foundation in our marriage, then when the trying times come we will have nothing to hold onto. Many marriages where God is not the Rock fall apart when hard times come because the foundation simply is not there. Without the foundation the whole structure can easily crumble. So, may the words of David come to be true in our lives and our marriages, Praise to my Rock!

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