Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dancing on The Waves of a Storm

Scripture Texts: John 6:1-21; Psalms 28

Jesus had a knack for asking the impossible of his followers. Feed thousands without planning ahead and only a child's lunch as provision.  Then to have them experience him walking on water in the midst of the storm. It could be argued Jesus is just showing off with that. Still, we find Jesus repeatedly inviting followers to stretch beyond their understanding of what is possible.

As humans we are a people that by and large tend to stay with the safe and the known. When we come across someone who is willing to take risks, or stretch our sense of what is possible we often dismiss them as having a loose grip on reality. However, following Jesus is a continual life of moving beyond perceived limitations and expanding our experience of possible.

When we stop and think about it marriage is close to an impossible thing. Two people who commit to live their lives together until death do they part. In our case we intend on having this be many decades of life together, which means we need Jesus to lead us into the waters of what is humanly impossible.

On the wedding day couples are not equipped for the journey ahead, they do not have all the provisions for the life that God is calling them to live in Jesus Christ. Yet, if allowed to, Jesus will supply what we need when we need it, even if it starts with a child's lunch. When the storms of life come, Jesus loves to show off a little and dance on top of waves just to make sure we see that what we think is impossible is joy for Jesus.

The key on this is placing our trust in Jesus more than what is known and what we think to be possible. If all we live by is what is thought to be possible, we will never dance on the waves of a storm with Jesus. If our marriage is limited to what is possible for two human beings to accomplish the limits will abound. We must keep our hearts, minds and possibilities for our marriage focused on the provision of possibilities of Jesus.

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