Saturday, May 2, 2015

Return on Investment

Scripture Text: Romans 4

Paul uses the language of wage earning to teach about the relationship of God and the people of God. When we work, we expect there to be compensation for the work, also known as a wage. However, as Paul points out this is not how it works with God. We cannot earn what God has offered us.

Many in Paul's day thought they could earn the favor of God by being circumcised. Today it is not through circumcision that people try to earn their own way, rather it is through trying to be good enough. We can never be good enough. Only through the grace of God do we find righteousness. In reality it is not until we stop trying to earn righteousness from God that we begin to find it. This does not mean we simply stop paying attention to how we live. Quite the opposite, we are careful to live in a way that is in line with the righteousness of God, knowing we are not earning it, only living in light of it.

In a marriage the idea of wage earning can be helpful as well. The quality of the effort and time you invest in a marriage will produce certain wages. When we are willing to invest in our marriage and our spouse through our time, thoughts and actions we find a fruitful marriage. If we invest in ways that are hurtful to our spouse, the wage earned is destruction.

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