Saturday, May 23, 2015

Don't Get Lost in the Details

Scripture Texts: John 4:1-30; Psalms 26

There are times in our lives when the conversation we think we are in, is not really the conversation we are in. That is the situation for the woman Jesus encounters at the well. She thinks they are having a conversation about water and worship. In reality they are having a conversation about the condition of her soul.

All of the details of the passage can provide a smokescreen to the real point of Jesus' interaction with her. This is not about the number husbands she has had, not about where she worships, and it is certainly not about getting water from the well. Jesus wants this woman to know what matters most, the condition of her relationship with God.

It is easy for us to get distracted from what matters most. We must remember that what seems huge for us may not even be what God wants us to focus on. Likewise, that which seems small, or insignificant, might be exactly what needs the most focus. The woman at the well viewed herself as insignificant while all the other topics of conversation seemed most important. Jesus brings some clarity.

We can spend a lot of time in a marriage focusing on the wrong things. Perhaps it is better to say we can spend a lot of time making something more important than it is, while neglecting that which is most important. If a marriage includes children this gets even more challenging.

So, what is the most important thing? In a word relationships. First and foremost our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The details of this relationship are not as important as the relationship itself. How we live this relationship is less important than making sure we have a relationship. In marriage the most important things is to focus on the relationship we have with our spouse in the midst of details.

Most the disagreements between spouses are rooted in details that are not that important in the end. However, if we get more focused on the details than on the relationship as a whole we will get sidetracked. We will find ourselves losing the relationship for the sake of winning the details. Like the woman at the well, we must focus on that which is most important and not get tangled in the details.

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