Sunday, May 17, 2015

Recognizing the Presence

Scripture Texts: John 1:18; Psalms 24

No matter where we look there is not something or someone that does not belong to God. This includes all the land and the seas, all the animals and rocks. All of it belongs to God. Even the people who are more difficult to deal with, and the people who do not acknowledge God.

That is one of the most amazing things about God. Even when we do not acknowledge God's presence, God is there. When someone does not recognize God as real or a part of the world God is still there. Our ability to recognize or see God is not what determines God's presence and care for us. If the entire world were to stop recognizing God, this would not eliminate God's existence.

Whether or not we recognize the presence of God in our marriage, God is present. Every marriage that has ever taken place is done in the presence of God. The question becomes what we do with that presence. Many people simply live their lives without recognizing God's presence and role in their life and marriage. God is still there. When we begin to recognize God in our marriage, things begin to change for the better.

When we recognize what is already there, God, our marriage can begin to move toward the fullness God desires for us. Moving past recognition and beginning to follow God through Jesus Christ move our lives and marriage toward transformation. So many people settle for less than transformation because they only recognize God instead of embracing God and following. We were never intended to settle for anything less than everything God desires for us. The beginning of this is recognizing that we belong to God, and through following God in Christ Jesus we begin to experience an ever-increasing amount of what is possible.

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