Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Center of it All

Scripture Texts: Numbers 17; Numbers 1:47-54; Luke 6:43-45

It is likely you have heard the saying home is where the heart is. For the Israelites it would be more appropriate to say home is where the tabernacle is. The tabernacle, also called the tent of meeting, is the place where God met with the people. There were very specific instructions about the building and care of the tabernacle because it was the place where God spoke to people.

No matter where the Israelities camped, the tabernacle was with them and was the center of the camp. The placement of the tabernacle reminded the people that God is the center of their life and being. God would pronounce judgment against the people as well as receive their sacrifices at the tabernacle. This made the tabernacle a place where the people connected with God's love and correction.

When looking at our marriage we must ask if God is the center of our life on a regular basis. This is the best way to ensure that God remains in the proper place in our marriage. With God at the center we are able to experience more of God's love and grace. We can also experience transformation our our lives so that we can live the life God calls us to live. Through God at the center we begin to fashion a good life.

Keeping God at the center of our marriage allows us to develop a treasury of a good heart. As we are reminded in Luke, out of the treasury of a good heart we produce good things. A well cultivated marriage produces good things because it keeps God at the center.

Key to keeping God at the center of our marriage is being intentional about our relationship with God. If we only connect with God in moments of crisis, that will have implications for our relationship. If we cultivate a relationship with God that daily finds ways to have our lives centered on God, that will have implications for our relationship. In it all the ideal is to have our heart be the tabernacle of God. The center of our being and marriage, where we can meet God to find love and grace. The place where we grow a treasury of a good heart.

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