Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Standing in the Gap

Scripture Texts: Numbers 16; Psalm 106:9-18; Jude 1:10-11

Moses and Aaron fulfill many roles for the people of Israel. One of the roles they often fulfill is that of standing in the gap. Repeatedly the people fan the flames of God's anger and Moses and Aaron cry out to God to spare the people. They cry out on behalf of the same people who grumble and complain about them, and that make them exceedingly angry.

Still, we find Moses and Aaron falling on their face before God begging for the life of the people. This is an incredible act of service to the people who rarely return a thank you. Standing in the gap and interceding for other people is a primary function of leadership.

We do not find record in the scriptures of someone standing in the gap for Moses because the Lord was ready to kill him. however I think it is safe to day there were people interceding for Moses. No matter who the person is, there will be times when we need someone else standing in the gap.

A crucial role of a spouse is standing in the gap for their partner. It would be impossible to fulfill all that God has in mind for us if there was not support and intercession. One day your spouse will be feeling weak and burdened, the next day it will be you. There are many people who can stand in the gap, yet there is an amazing bond when a husband and wife are willing to stand for each other.

There does not have to be a crisis for gap standing to take place. Spending time daily, multiple times a day, lifting your spouse before the Lord will bring about two things. First, you will be standing in the gap for your spouse. Second, your heart will find whole new levels of connection with your spouse. In it all the depth and health of a marriage is increased significantly when we are willing to stand in the gap for our spouse.

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