Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Getting to The Feet of Jesus

Scripture Text: Mark 2

From time to time we all need help getting to the feet of Jesus. The paralytic man in Mark 2 was blessed enough to have four people around him that would not stop until he was at the feet of Jesus. There were many in the house who were able to get to Jesus' feet, and others who were content to simply be in ear shot of Jesus that day. But it was clear this man needed to get to the feet of Jesus.

Have you ever had a time when the only place you would find healing for what was hurting was by being at the feet of Jesus? It is amazing to find in those moments we almost always require someone to help us get there. The four men in this passage went the extra mile to get their friend to the place he needed to be.

When we exchanged vows at our wedding we used the traditional vows that include; for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.... Not included in the list but certainly part of it is that we will carry one another when the need arises. When a marriage is working well we can always count on the other person to help us get to the feet of Jesus. Through the challenges and opportunities of life it is more often than not our spouse who is uniquely positioned to help get us to the feet of Jesus.

Approaching the feet of Jesus requires two types of willingness. First is the willingness to carry another person there. If we are not willing to carry our spouse to the feet of Jesus there are some serious issues in the marriage. The second willingness is found in being willing to be carried to the feet of Jesus. Often we are very willing to help another person, especially our spouse. On the flip side we can be very reluctant to allow ourselves to be helped, especially by our spouse. Cultivating a whole marriage requires that we are willing on both accounts.

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