Sunday, March 29, 2015

First Followers

Scripture Text: Mark 1:1-20

In this passage we read about the beginning of Jesus' ministry and the first followers. Often we look at Peter, Andrew, James and John as the first followers. These four fishermen were going about their daily life until they received an invitation from Jesus to follow him. They left their nets and their homes to follow Jesus.

Another person that needs to be included in the first follower group, but often is not, is John the Baptist. Before Jesus invites the four fisherman John the Baptist is announcing the coming of the Messiah, and when Jesus shows up to be baptized, John makes it clear to the crowd that it is Jesus that should be in charge and everyone else that should be a follower.

The first place role anyone can be is a follower of Jesus. In fact before we can be a godly spouse to our partner. Before we can be godly parents to our children. Before we can do or be anything to another person we must first and foremost be a follower of Jesus.

In the life of marriage this changes the dynamics of a marriage in a hurry. If we first live our call to be a follower of Jesus, then live our call to be a spouse that honors God with our marriage relationship, the capacity for our marriage goes way up. If each person in the marriage is living in such a way that they are a first follower, like the four fisherman and John, it makes it more likely that both partners will live as first followers.

Our marriage is the most important earthly relationship we have, however it is not the most important relationship we have. Our relationship to God through Jesus Christ is the most important relationship we have. When we are not living as followers of Jesus and honoring the most important relationship, then we are sacrificing the fullness of the marriage relationship that is available to us. This all hinges on us joining the list of those who are first followers of Jesus.

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