Friday, March 27, 2015

Pressing On

Scripture Text: Philippians 3

Paul had every reason to boast about his earthly success and his religious accomplishments. It is shocking then to hear him say that he counts them all as rubbish compared to knowing Christ. The shock continues when he calls us to join him in pressing on toward the goal to which Christ has called us.

Someone like Paul could have easily determined that he had this God thing all figured out and that he could simply cost his way through life. Instead he commits himself to pressing on, to continue to work toward the perfection of Christ. Being very clear that he has not already attained all this.

When we look at our marriage, it is safe to say that we have a really good marriage. There are many things we have learned through the years that help us maintain a good marriage. It is tempting to think we have figured it out and not can cost our way through the rest of the journey. Paul's words are extremely important here, not that we have already attained all this but we press on.

Marriage that stands the test of time is a marriage that invests in the effort of pressing on. Cultivating a fulfilling marriage takes work and effort. As mentioned before we have a really good marriage. At the same time we are not done in the journey, a great marriage, the best marriage, is still out ahead of us if we are willing to press on.

So what does it look like to press on? This blog is part of our pressing on. After nearly sixteen years of marriage are are being the most intentional we have ever been about connecting with the Scriptures, and with each other on a nightly basis. This has moved a good marriage to the stage of very good and on our way to a great marriage. There is the balance of being content in marriage with our becoming complacent in marriage. Content is being focused on Christ no matter the circumstance. Complacent is thinking we have it good enough and do not need to to any more.

If we settle for good enough because we have already attained all this, the we are sacrificing the perfection to which Jesus has called us. If we settle we are missing out on living the most fulfilling marriage possible. I pray that we would be people who would press on, not to figure it all out, rather press on so that we would experience all that God has in mind for us.

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