Friday, March 6, 2015

Sustaining Presence of God

Scripture Texts: Exodus 33; Exodus 34; 2 Corinthians 3

God is clear with Moses about how he and the people are to live their lives. The Feasts and festivals are all laid out and the commandments are written in stone. Moses is the one person that is allowed to have audience with God and as a result the face of Moses shines bright as a reflection of the glory of God. The people of God reflect God's glory in the ways they live their lives according to the law.

When we get to the New Testament the account of Moses is not lost. What changes is the power that it holds for the people of God. The glory of God is no longer known only because of the law written in the stone tablets or in the shining face of a prophet. God's glory is found in the movement of the Holy Spirit and the grace given by Jesus Christ.

Like most people when they get married we had what felt like hours of pictures taken. There were the pictures taken before the ceremony, then the ones taken after the ceremony. Of course there are the pictures from the reception complete with cake eating. With the exception of one or two of the pictures you will find our smiling faces showing the glory and wonder of our wedding day.

Not everyday since then have we been able to maintain the glow and glory on our faces from that day. There are times when we are able to recapture it however the overall reflection of our faces ebbs and flows. It is a good thing that it is not our wedding day which sustains the lifetime of marriage.

No, what sustains our marriage now is the ever-present and ever-moving Holy Spirit. While our affect changes with each circumstance we face, the presence of God is constant. The grace of God as found in Jesus moves throughout our marriage and provides the sustaining presence of God. Each evening as we read the scriptures, share this blog and pray together, we take time to walk in the footsteps of Moses. Moses would visit the Tent of Meeting, to be renewed in the glory of God. We visit the presence of God nightly so that the power and presence that sustains our marriage remains at the center.

We are not dependent on the ceremony years ago. We are not dependent on the piece of paper in our safe that shows our legal marriage. What we are dependent on is the presence of God in every moment of our lives.

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