Saturday, January 31, 2015

Persevering to the Promise

Scripture Texts: Genesis 26; 1 Chronicles 16:14-22; Galatians 4:28

The people of God are the people of the promise of God. First Abraham was promised to be blessed so that he would be a blessing to all the nations. This promise came with a promise to inhabit the land set aside. The promise culminated in the chosen people being the people of God. Throughout history people have struggled to hold onto the promise because it is not instant in its fulfillment.

Perseverance is necessary for the journey to the promise. When we think about the decedents of Abraham it was several generations before the promise of the land became a reality. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph to Moses, eventually under the leadership of Joshua the promise became reality. The story of the promise was told over and over so that the people would remember the promise of God. They were invited to be faithful and persist until the promise was delivered.

We know that God continues to offer us the promise today. The promise for today is not as much about a land that we will inhabit as much as it is a life that we will live. The gap between the promise and the realization of the promise can feel huge, this is where we too must persevere. In marriage we have received the promise of God  that if we live the teachings of God, and commit our lives to living faithfully the commands of God, then God will bless our marriage and our home.

In so many ways we have already tasted this promise becoming a reality. At the same time we know there is much more ahead if we can stay the course, if we can persevere. It is not always easy, in fact there are times when shortcuts look very appealing. We could decide to not live the ways that God has called us and try to fulfill all that God has offered on our own. Be sure however, that this would result in a continued longing. Only through persevering to the promise will we find the wholeness God has set aside for us.

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