Friday, January 16, 2015

God Knows More

Scripture Texts: Job 38; Job 42; James 5: 9-11

God asks Job, "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?" This seems like a question that has a pretty obvious answer. Its power however is not in the answer but in the meaning behind the question and answer. For most of the book of Job we find Job demanding some answers from God, and not until the end of the book does God answer.

Using an impressive litany of questions God makes it clear that Job, or us for that matter, has tread into waters that are way over his head. The maker of all the universe does not have to field questions from humanity, nor is God under obligation to answer our demands. Yet, God does, and in this particular case God does with great clarity. The answer God offers is to remind Job that there is more to the universe and to God's power than Job can ever fathom.

We have never faced anything like Job faced. Sure we have had struggles along the journey but nothing like Job. Still there are times in our marriage when we wonder what God is doing. There have even been times when we have demanded some answers from God. We have not experienced God asking the litany of questions that Job faced, however it has been clear that God is bigger and more powerful than we can often imagine.

Stop and think about it. Two people who are going along in life just fine decide to make the journey together. There are plenty of similarities sure, but there are also some differences. Then we factor in the fact that both of us felt like the other one was out of their league. In all of that God has brought us together. Along the way we have found that God provides a way for our relationship to continue to grow, even as we are different people with different personalities. We are not really sure how God has done it but we are really glad God has.

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