Saturday, January 24, 2015

Faith and Trust

Scripture Texts: Genesis 18; Isaiah 3:8-11; Hebrews 13:1-2

The way we live our lives has consequences. Abraham and Sarah lived their lives in such a way that God could use them for the initiation of the promise. Further God was able to use them to bring a child into the world even though by earthly understandings the time had passed.

The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah faced the consequences of how the people there lived their lives. In an amazing interaction between Abraham and God, Abraham does an impressive job of debating God from 50 to 10 righteous people and the cities will be spared. This shows the heart of grace and love that God has toward people not wanting any to perish. With that said in the next chapter in Genesis we find the destruction of the cities.

The people of the cities lived however they wanted. They had very little to no regard for God or the ways of God. It was not that the people had little faith in God, they had no faith in God, or they thought they were gods themselves. Their lifestyle was brought before God, and judgment was rendered.

In our individual and our married life the way we live has consequences, we cannot simply live however we see fit. God has called us to live a life of faith and trust, and our marriage must be built on faith and trust. We cannot simply disregard the call to live in accordance with God and expect there will not come a time when we are called to account for our actions. In our marriage, if we live outside of how God calls us to in marriage, the consequence is a difficult marriage. Usually a marriage that is lacking or void of faith and trust in the other person.

It sounds almost too simple or even trite to say that if we are faithful to God in our relationship with God and with our spouse then our lives will work out better. Well it may be simple and trite but it is true. The relationship we have with God and our spouse is a direct result of whether we are following after God or our own understandings of life. Having faith and trust in God results in a life that is better lived.

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