Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Inner Dialogue

Scripture Texts: 2 Corinthians 10; Psalm 72

Each of us has an inner dialogue to our life known as thinking. Not sure if that is true, think about what is happening as you read these words. Not only are you reading the letters on the page, you are beginning to ponder how these words impact you. Chances are, it is almost as if you can hear your voice having the conversation.

This inner dialogue has the potential to help us to great and wonderful things. It also has the potential to take us down a road that leads to destruction. Our thoughts directly impact our actions. Because of this, Paul encourages us to take captive our thoughts. Specifically, the rebellious thoughts. or the thoughts that cause us to put distance between us and God.

Every relationship we are in comes complete with an inner dialogue, and our marriage is no exception. The content of our thoughts around our marriage, and our spouse directly impact the way we treat our spouse and the level to which we trust our spouse. For example, if our thoughts are focused on something negative about our spouse, we tend to treat our spouse in negative ways. Likewise if our thoughts are positive, thinking about the love and connection we have, our actions will tend to follow.

The way we think about our spouse and our marriage matters greatly. The words of Paul to take captive our thoughts applies to our marriage. Paying attention to the content of our inner dialogue about our spouse and marriage has the ability to change the way we behave in our marriage. If you are trapped in a negative dialogue, take those thoughts captive and do whatever is needed to change the content. If the thoughts are positive, take those thoughts captive and do whatever is needed to maintain the positive content.

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