Saturday, May 16, 2015

Avoid Division

Scripture Text: Romans 16

A common theme in Paul's writing is to avoid division in among the believers. Not just division but those who would instigate division by what they teach. It is made clear by Paul that those who teach in a way that creates division are only serving their own personal desires not serving Christ.

This same message applies today. We live in a world of messages. They come at us from every angle, Facebook, Twitter, text messages, other people and T.V. and movies. We must be careful what messages we allow to have influence in our lives, otherwise we might too become and agent of division. It is essential that we surround ourselves with people and messages that will keep us focused on Christ.

Trying to cultivate a healthy marriage is challenged by the message of division that sounds us. We are bombarded by messages that tells we should put ourselves first. This is not what the teaching of Jesus call us to, and it is not what will create a healthy marriage. Every effort must be made to stay away from messages that encourage division and to invest out time in messages of Christ.

It is not only messages of division that cause problems for a marriage. Any message that causes us to not remain focused on Christ is to be avoided. This might mean not watching certain programs, it might mean, staying of some internet sites. It could even mean not spending time with certain people. For everyone the company we keep matters, it is especially important for those who are married. We need to keep company with people who will keep division from showing up in our marriages.


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